Monday, 24 April 2017

Everyday Emotional Harmony

Woud you like to find emotional harmony during your pregnancy, birth and beyond?

Do you have some days when you just wanting to curl up in bed and forget about the turpitude of life: work, kids, your other half? Sometimes everything seems to conspire to upset your rather delicate equilibrium. On those days, that’s when I reach for my little bottle of Bush rescue remedy. Australian Bush Flower essences are a safe, simple and powerful system of healing that can bring emotional harmony.

What are Flower essences?

Flower essences are obtained by extracting the healing quality part of the plant: the flowers. These essences are made in Australia using native plants and the Aborigines have also long used flowers to heal emotional imbalances. There are no side effects and they can be used safely by pregnant mamas, if you are lactating or by children. Animals can also benefit.

When to use them?

Anytime you feel emotionally upset, low or unable to face the world.

When labour is near: towards the end of pregnancy you may feel anxious, take Emergency essence as frequently as you need. One of its remedies is Dog Rose and it is specifically for the fear of letting go.

During the birth: there may be times during labour when you feel you may not be able to hang in there because you are exhausted. Emergency essence has a calming and “pain relief” effect. Add 7 drops in water and sip it through out or directly in your mouth under the tongue. I gave birth myself sipping the rescue remedy.

After the birth when you feel down or a little bit overwhelmed…especially at 2am in the morning when you are up feeding your little bundle of joy.

For the little ones, a few drops when:
  • They are upset, fractious or poorly
  • When they are teething
  • Before and after vaccinations
  • When they are having a tantrum…..or after to help them cope with their emotions (you can also get the Emergency essence as a spray)
  • Anxiety about school
If they don’t want to take the drops add them to their drinks or food.

Stay healthy, stay happy!
Zakia Mance, Naturopath and Hypnobirthing Practitioner